How to use

To use the COAFG Web Coordinator Accordion Generator tool, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Check the box if you are submitting files for an accordion text block rather than a table block.

  2. Upload a valid CSV or TXT file. Invalid files will be rejected.

  3. (Optional) Check format code box. This does not impact the functionality of the cide in any way. It simply formats it for easier reading.

  4. Press submit.

  5. Everything inside the colored box and paste it in its respective code section on the target page.

CSV Formatting for meeting tables

The table feature of the generator can only be used to generate meeting tables. CSVs are easiest to build in Excel and have only three rules for formatting:

  1. No empty cells

  2. Use commas as delimiters ONLY


    1. To help with this, set a conditional formatting rule in Excel to highlight cells containing commas. None should be highlighted

Completely empty lines in CSV files are okay, but check them in Notepad after exporting to ensure there are not any full rows without data. They would appear as several consecutive commas with no words between them. Other formatting standards include:

  • Do not abbreviate addresses. “Martin St.” should be written as “Martin Street”

  • Do not use 24 hour time. There is an AM/PM column to clarify as needed.

  • Organize meetings first by time and then by name. The sort feature in Excel can help with this.

Click HERE to download an example meeting input file that uses all of these guidelines.

TXT formatting for text blocks

TXT file formatting can be done in any program, although Word will likely try to correct spelling and formatting and may complicate the process. When formatting text input files, each line is given a type. Line types are simply the first character of a line and defines how it should be handled.

0 - Empty line. Any text after the 0 is ignored and the line will be an empty break.
* - This will become the button header.
1 - Indicates a paragraph line. Any paragraph is only one line. Entering another line preceded by another 1 will create another paragraph.
2 - This MUST be used for the FINAL paragraph in a section.

Note again that a paragraph is only one line in the input file regardless of length regardless of length. Also note that line types are just smashed on the front of a line as the first character. Thus, a button header called “OUR PURPOSE” would appear as *OUR PURPOSE in the input file.

Formatting the output from the text generator uses standard HTML formatting. For example, a phrase in bold just needs to be surrounded with <b> and </b> in the input file.

Do NOT surround text with paragraph tags. Click HERE to download an example text block input file that uses all of these guidelines.